James and Callum in bed with pyjamas on

Every Single Thought - Substandards

Released: 2023-03-31

The first tune made wholly at my new Portasound Studios. Callum's vocals were done with this tacky, £3 karaoke mic that I found in CashConvertors. It turned out to be great. A friend of mine's fancy Jazz bass made a rare appearance here too. Awesome instrument.

A vinyl single sleeve with landscapes in the middle

Giving Up - April Tapes

Released: 2022-12-16

This was the last song I produced at the Huddersfield uni studio (don't let the staff know!!). I used to book the hall and the adjacent studio space over the course of a weekend when all the lectures had gone home, cart a whole drum set and mic setup down into the concert hall, then raid the percussion storeroom for snares, cymbals and that. A great song that I loved making. The kit was just overheads, kick, snare and room mics, too.

A stack of polaroid's of guitars and other instruments, with the top polaroid having 'All I've Got' written on it.

All I've Got - Alfie And The Avalon

Released: 2022-10-24

I caught the band playing 'All I've Got' at The Parish in Huddersfield, and I knew on the spot exactly what kind of record I wanted to make. We did the rhythm tracks live, all in the big-ass Phipps Hall at my uni, and I remember it like yesterday. 2nd Take. They finished up playing and I just said 'That's it. That's the best you guys have ever played that song'. And we were right. The whole thing was mixed by only using tape emulations, just about, with the odd EQ here and there. What a record.

Yellow text saying 'Grit Your Teeth Stonevein' on a green background.

Grit Your Teeth - StoneVein

Released: 2022-10-04

The first time I'd recorded a ROCK band, I reckon. In fact, the first band I got paid to produce ... scary! Especially considering there was no studio staff around to save the day if something went wrong, and we were taking over a concert hall's worth of recording space. The band was awesome though - very helpful, patient, enthusiastic - and the record came out as big and nasty as I'd hoped. Lots of tube mics, API pre's/EQs, and a floor tom that would rival most timpanis.

Two stick art skeletons on a yellow and red watercolour background.

KNELL - Private Reg

Released: 2022-05-27

Man, has this song got a story. I think we went through six different studios by the time we'd finished. Basic tracks at Vardy's, guitar at my old house, drums somewhere at LCOM (where we hadn't stepped foot in before), mixing on a mini SSL desk at uni, touch ups at another home studio and finally mastering at Ben Greatrex's place. I think it shows, though. The song's got a lot of personality.

The band Quentin sit drinking Root Beer

Root Beer EP - Quentin

Released: 2021-10-22

My old band and buddies, Quentin. There are some good songs on here. Oli Sekunda, usually at Beat Street Studios, produced the record for us on an illegally small fee (thank u oliver!), and he did an awesome job. 90% of the recording was at Leeds' Penthouse Studios. Awesome place. Freezing cold. I recall huddling by a portable heater in between vocal & guitar takes to stay alive. I think the desk was a Soundcraft thing.